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Wills are designed to prevent estate disputes among beneficiaries after a death, but poorly drafted documents, or suspected undue influence by a family member or friend, can sometimes make disputes unavoidable. Nicholas A. Giuditta III, Attorney at Law, represents executors, trustees, and beneficiaries in estate administration and dispute resolution. We pride ourselves on providing a high level of personal service to clients, and will work with all parties to reach suitable solutions. If disputes cannot be resolved through mediation, attorney Nicholas Giuditta is fully prepared to advocate for you in court.

Skilled Union County Probate Litigation Attorney

Probate court can often feel like divorce court for siblings and other heirs. Having a skilled lawyer to diffuse these stressful situations is essential.

Nicholas Giuditta, founder of our law firm, is a thorough and knowledgeable probate litigation attorney. He has 30 years of experience, and can handle all aspects of probate litigation, including will contests, mishandling of trusts, breach of fiduciary duty and other estate disputes.

Understanding Undue Influence

Undue influence can occur when a spouse, child or other family member gains the trust of an individual, resulting in a rewriting of his or her will in that person’s favor. If you suspect a case of undue influence, we can help investigate the situation and take any necessary legal action. We will closely examine the deceased person’s relationship with the heir and investigate any sudden changes in his or her will or other estate documents.

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To schedule an initial consultation for your elder law issue, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone at 908.232.0099. We promptly reply to all phone calls and e-mails, usually within the same day. We serve clients throughout New Jersey from our Westfield location.

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