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If you have members of your family who are disabled or incapacitated, creating a special needs trust allows you to provide for their future needs. At the Westfield, New Jersey, law office of Nicholas A. Giuditta, III, Attorney at Law, we offer clients estate planning representation, including advice and guidance on how to meet the needs of loved ones with special needs. Contact us today to learn more about your options for taking care of those who may not be able to care for themselves.

A special needs trust may be created to ensure that your mentally or physically disabled child who is or may be receiving government benefits does not lose eligibility for this vital assistance.

A special needs trust can be created in your will so that a disabled beneficiary’s inheritance is managed by a trustee of your choosing. The rules governing the proper use of special needs trust funds are complex. This office can provide advise and guidance to the trustee to ensure compliance with the regulations governing special needs trust distributions.

A special needs trust can also be established to receive compensation from a settlement. This situation is common if an individual has been injured by the negligence of another and has secured a monetary settlement or judgment from that party.

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Trusts are estate planning tools that can be used to help manage your assets during your life, and ensure a smoother transition after death. An experienced lawyer can explain the types of trusts available and help determine the best option for you.

At Nicholas A. Giuditta III, Attorney at Law, we have extensive experience with helping clients establish trusts, including credit shelter trusts and special needs trusts. We will meet with you to discuss your situation, answer your questions about trusts, and suggest options that will best meet your and your family’s needs.

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A trust enables you to specify conditions to receive payments and allow you to spread benefit payments over a period of time. Trusts fall into two broad categories:

  • Testamentary trusts transfer property into the trust only after the grantor’s death.
  • Living trusts, or “inter vivos” trusts, start during the life of the grantor and can be designed to continue after death.

Estate attorney Nicholas Giuditta is founder of our law firm. He is an experienced Westfield trust attorney who can help with living trusts, testamentary trusts and other matters. He takes pride in having open and honest communication with each of our clients, and will work diligently and efficiently on your trust or estate planning issue.

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