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Elder Care Lawyer

As we grow older, perhaps retired from working and raising families, the need for assistance with elder legal matters, estate planning, will and trust administration, and elder rights begin to come into sharper focus.

Consulting with a qualified, experienced elder care lawyer who shows sincere compassion and respect will help you to resolve those future personal needs and estate matters that must not be left to chance.

elder care lawyer

Focus of Elder Care Law

Issues facing older individuals are vastly different than those confronting young people. As a result, working with a qualified and experienced elder care lawyer is your best solution.

An experienced elder care lawyer will assist seniors and their families with the host of decisions that older people face as they progress through the final decades of their lives.

Legal services for the elderly may include:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Wills and Probate
  • Living Wills
  • Trusts
  • Estate Management
  • Long-term and Memory Care Planning
  • Assisted Living Options
  • IRAS and financial management
  • Government programs including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid
  • Supplemental Health Insurance solutions
  • Taxes
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Special Needs Planning

Your elder care or estate lawyer can also direct your designated executor through the probate process after you are gone to ensure your assets are distributed precisely as intended.

Creating a Plan

Tragically, many individuals and couples postpone creating a specific and binding plan to manage the contingencies of aging. With no plan in place, your children or others are suddenly confronted with stressful decisions regarding your welfare and finances. With no direction, your final years of life can become burdensome for others and even neglect or omit the specific care you had wished to have.

Your elder care lawyer can also help to create strategies that protect your assets while you are still living by:

  • Reviewing or creating an estate plan, will, trust, and other financial considerations
  • Recommending appropriate medical and long-term care insurance
  • Addressing future contingencies by upholding your wishes in all instances; i.e. long-term care, memory care, powers of attorney, etc.
  • Confirming or reconfirming your designated executor
  • Creating a living will

Consult an Estate and Elder Care Attorney

Don’t wait until disaster strikes or your faculties begin to fade. The time to organize your estate and create your plan for your final years is while you are mentally and physically capable. Controlling your destiny is far better than allowing others to decide how you should be treated.

With a qualified elder lawyer’s help and guidance, you can create a master plan that can be adjusted later as you choose.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation with Giuditta Elder Law in Union County NJ

Leaving your life and assets to the capriciousness of chance only passes the complete burden of your future care to others. Meeting with a compassionate and respectful elder law firm like Nicholas A, Giuditta III Law, a New Jersey Estate Law firm located in Westfield of Union County, will help you to create the roadmap for how to manage the advanced stages of your life.

With sincerity, respect, and compassion, Giuditta Law will provide you and your loved ones the peace of mind that your future will play out according to your wishes.

For more information about elder law and estate planning, contact Giuditta Law in Union County, New Jersey, for an initial consultation. Schedule that first meeting to discuss your situation and ways that we can help organize your personal and financial matters.

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